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Bob Jones University

Bug Biodiversity: EDUcamp Jr. (Middle School)

Bug Biodiversity: EDUcamp Jr. (Middle School) camp is closed for this year. Check back again next year!

Embark on a bug-tastic adventure at bug camp! Get ready for a wild journey into the fascinating world of insects and spiders that surround us every day! Join us in uncovering the secrets of these tiny marvels as we explore diverse habitats, from sprawling fields to mysterious forests, meandering streams, tranquil lakes and the hustle and bustle of urban areas.

Unleash your inner explorer as you learn the art of collecting and identifying these incredible critters. Take home what you collect and create to continue your bug discoveries beyond camp! Delve into the mysteries of the life cycles and behaviors of insects and spiders, gaining a profound appreciation for these cool creatures that undoubtedly point to the awe-inspiring Creator.

Don't miss the chance to make lasting memories, create new friendships and dive into a bug-filled adventure like never before! Secure your spot at bug camp now where excitement and discovery await.

General Information


When to Arrive

Camp check-in for all campers is on Monday between 8–8:30 a.m. at the Elementary School Building for 2nd–5th, and the Middle School Building for 6th–8th.

Drop-off each day will be from 8–8:30 a.m. at the Elementary school for 2nd–5th, and the Middle school for 6th–8th.

What to do When You Arrive

When you arrive on campus, follow the signs to the Elementary school for 2nd–5th, and the Middle school for 6th–8th for check-in on Monday morning. Camp staff will meet you and give the camp T-shirt as well as share a schedule for the week.

When to Depart

Pick-up each day will be from 4:30–5:00 p.m. at the Elementary school for 2nd–5th, and the Middle school for 6th–8th)

What to Bring

What to Bring

All supplies needed for camp will be provided unless otherwise noted in each specific camp information.

Please note: BJU cannot be responsible for money, valuables or personal articles.

What to Wear

Long athletic shorts, jeans or pants, and T-shirts are the normal camp attire. Tennis shoes are recommended.

Lunch will be served in our dining common in an all-you-can-eat buffet style. Any food concerns (allergies, diet restrictions, etc.) can be noted in the online registration form.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones and personal devices are to be dropped off at the check-in desk for safekeeping and they can be picked up when your child is being checked out.

Camp Directors

Kelly Driskell

Kelly Driskell

Kelly Driskell has been in education for 18 years, teaching a variety of different subjects and grades. After moving from Florida several years ago, she worked as a science writer at BJU Press and has been teaching biology and chemistry at Bob Jones Academy for the past three years. She is passionate about all things science and loves to see eyes open to the beauty of God's creation. She is excited to meet your young science enthusiasts and explore the world of insects this summer!