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Bob Jones University

Men's Team Basketball

Honing your skills as a team

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Develop unity and athletic prowess at the EDUcamp designed especially for teams. Prepare for your upcoming season by improving your technique and endurance as you train with professional college coaches and athletes.

At EDUcamp you’ll benefit from daily devotionals and Bible challenge sessions that will strengthen your faith and help you develop a strong biblical worldview. Camp instructors will demonstrate how you can glorify God by using each new skill.

What to expect ...

  • Development of tactical components of the game
  • Exposure to collegiate philosophy of offense and defense
  • Development of court awareness and basketball intelligence
  • Play quality, competitive games that put instruction into action
  • Gain confidence to be an effective competitor in the proper spirit of Christian sportsmanship
  • Classroom sessions containing both film and character building exercises
  • Grow spiritually through devotional and Bible challenges

Be sure to bring ...

  • Bedding/Towels
  • Bible
  • Sandals for use in the shower
  • Basketball shoes
  • Basketball gear (no tank tops allowed in dining hall but can be worn during sessions)


Burton Uwarow

Burton Uwarow

Mr. Burton Uwarow was named the head coach for the Bruins men's basketball team in April of 2017. Before coming to BJU, he coached for a total of 13 years in both Christian and public schools. Coach Uwarow believes that athletics are a platform for building character and confidence in student-athletes, and he is very passionate about imparting lessons to his players that will benefit them as citizens and friends.

Coach Uwarow has a health and fitness degree from BJU, and he’s currently pursuing a master of sports science degree from the United States Sports Academy (USSA).

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